Reveal: Pandora moments bracelet and pavé charms



It’s been AGES since I’ve posted anything! I’ve been crazy busy with uni – but I’ll try to get a few more posts in now and then (if anyone is even still reading my posts now that I’ve been MIA for so long!).

Today a new concept store opened in a shopping centre near me! In Kolding, Denmark. It was the third opening of a new concept store I’ve attended – so a lot of familiar faces – so cool!
Anyways – they had a bracelet promotion as sort of an opening offer and I already started planning my buy ever since I found that out.

I got the regular silver clasp Moments bracelet and two pave charms – the black/white striped one and the black/white Cherry Blossom one. They look amazing together!
I already had the two rockstar clips which I LOVE and use to death. It’s my debut with both the Moments bracelet and the pavé charms – so I can definitely say that I tried something new this time! Love, love, love the look though! As I am not a fan of too girly pink things and stuff.. It was inspired by a pic I saw on Instagram!

Have you got any pavés?? What are your experiences with it? Would love to hear your thoughts!!

Purchased items:
No. 791170NCK – Cherry Blossom pave
No. 791172NCK – striped pave
No. 590702HV – silver moments bracelet

You can find these items on Pandoras official website ( or iPhone app :-) .

Take care! xoxo


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