The Pandora Essence collection.

The bran new collection that was launched last monday – Nov 4th – is very different from Pandoras usual concept – the “Unforgettable Moments”. This Essence collection is designed to celebrate every women’s individuality and now you do not only get to create your very own story with your bracelet – you get to express the essence of your inner values.

The charms are not only very pretty to look at; they each represent a value. So if you find love, passion, joy, energy, strength, confidence, courage, hope, respect or loyalty (etc..) the most important in your life, then you get to express the essence of you on this beautiful bracelet.

The bracelet itself is made in a much more delicate, elegant and thin design. It is very smooth and thin and has the new Pandora clasp. There are 24 different beautiful charms with 24 different values to pick from – so it’s not hard to find the charm that defines YOU.

Furthermore the charms have a bran new feature! A layer of silicone has been fit inside the charm which means that the charms stay right where you put them!!
And I don’t know about you but I’m thrilled about this feature! Being a hardcore Pandora lover like me, you appreciate not having to use clips all the time to keep your charms in place! And your bracelet won’t end up upside down all the time, because the charms can be placed with a suitable distance to make sure that the weight is equalized! FANTASTIC.
This technique is very unique for Pandora!

I’m very excited about this collection! And I went to a launching-event at my local Pandora concept store, and it seems like they have great expectations for this new collection! And I can understand why! So far I’ve purchased the bracelet in sterling silver and the “Strength” charm made of black spinel. Because of the value – not the look of the charm .

So thumbs up for Pandora – I’m sure I’ll end up with quite a few of these wonderful charms/values!

Hope you liked this very short introduction! .

You can check out the whole collection at or go fetch a catalouge at your nearest Pandora concept store or jewellery shop!




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