Pandora pearl ring – the fall collection.

Helloooooo :>

So I’m back with another Pandora-obsessed post. Hope you don’t mind!

Anyway – I have collected quite a few things from the Pandora 2013 fall/winter collection, as I find it EXQUISITE! They’ve totally upped their game with making even prettier items with reasonable prices!!
Most of the items were gifts – but that doesn’t change the fact that this is the collection that I’ve loved the most so far! If you don’t count the essence collection. There’s truthfully not an item from this collection that I would mind owning – every single piece is just so thoroughly made and beautiful! With cubic zirkonia, pearls, spinel and gold to put the final finish on these beauties!
I’ve looked through this catalouge a thousand times and I got a new item on my wishlist every single time.. It’s stunning!!

But anyway – the item I wanted to write about in this post is the pearl ring (freshwater culture pearl) in sterling silver. It is gorgeous !! A very lovely statement piece for almost any jewelry type-of-gal! It’s simple, elegant on one hand but it’s also a big ring which is advantageous to use in the combination of a rock-chic/feminine look. According to what other jewelry you combine it with, you can give it very different expressions!!

I’ve chosen to wear it on my middlefinger! And I can’t explain why, actually. I think it might mave something to do with it being a quite big ring – I usually wear those on my middlefinger.

Pandora has just launched a Christmas-collection as well! And it’s very cute and has a lot of sparkly gemstones in a lot of the items – and I LOVE that! I haven’t planned to purchase anything from this collection at this moment, because I’m so excited about the Essence collection, so I think that’ll be my focus right now! Buuuuut Christmas is coming, right? So who knows.

Anyway – this post got a bit more rambling than I intended.. Oh well, guess that just adds more personality to it, right?
Hope you enjoy it!!




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